Couv PE 1-2013 HD petit formatHere are the first few paragraphs of Mark A. Heller’s paper on “Israel’s Geopolitical Agenda: Old Issues, New Urgency”, published in Politique étrangère 1/2013.
This paper was initially published in French in Politique étrangère, Vol. 78, N° 1, 2013 (“Redéfinir l’agenda stratégique israélien”).
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Israel’s Geopolitical Agenda:
Old Issues, New Urgency

In the last week of December 2012, one of Israel’s largest mass-circulation daily newspapers published a front-page interview with a “high-ranking political figure” under the screaming headline, “Netanyahu is Leading Us to Disaster”.[1] According to this unnamed personality, the policies pursued by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu are so alienating Israel’s traditional allies and friends throughout the world, and especially in Europe, that the country will eventually find itself completely isolated and unable to cope with a host of geopolitical threats to its security and perhaps its very existence.